Wish you all Janmashtami…!!!

We briquettes making machine seller wish that may the love and blessing of Lord Krishna fill your life with joy & happiness..

briquetting machine seller celebrates janmashtami

We are working in the field of Briquetting machinery manufacturer since 1994 and supply the all model of Briquetting Machinery like Jumbo 9075, Supreme 75 and Super 65. we also provide the supported equipment like wood shredder, turbo drying machine and rotary drum dryer machine.

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Briquetting Press Seller celebrates the luckiest day of India – 15th August!!

Happy Independence Day from Briquetting machine seller

Happy Independence Day from Briquetting machine seller

In India, Independence Day is celebrated by the people of all religions, traditions and cultures with great happiness and joy. Independence Day in India is observed on 15th of August every year from 1947 as our country became independent on the same day from the rule of British almost after 200 years of slavery.
We all Indians have respect for this day and we celebrate this day with various activities. We JK– the briquetting press seller decided to celebrate such day by making people familiar about Eco-business supported by government to make India’s progress more faster.
People live in village area and rural are still backward and doing only farming activity. They are not knowing that waste of their farming activity can be further used and can recycle. They can sell their agricultural waste to Briquettes manufacturer and can earn money. Also they can start business of briquettes production and can use waste.
To start business of briquettes only briquetting machine, place and waste is required. Man power needed in this plant is only 3-4 persons per machine. Government support project by giving loans and subsidies to briquetting machine seller.
Our aim is not to promote our business only but we really want to make people aware about such bio fuel to use and to produce using waste which is easily available.

Happy Independent Day to all and we are happy to hear your Ideas to make progressive India..tell us here…

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How can we say Briquettes made from Biomass waste is Renewable?

Biomass is viewed as a renewable vitality source on the grounds that the carbon in biomass is viewed as a component of the normal carbon cycle: trees take in carbon dioxide from the air and believer it into biomass and when they kick the bucket, it is discharged once more into the environment. Whether trees are blazed or whether they break down normally, they discharge the same measure of carbon dioxide into the environment. The consideration is that if trees reaped as biomass are replanted as quick as the wood is smoldered, new trees take up the carbon created by the ignition, the carbon cycle hypothetically stays in parity, and no additional carbon is added to the air asset report—so biomass is considered “carbon impartial.” Since nothing counterbalances the CO2 that fossil fuel blazing produces, supplanting fossil powers with biomass as far as anyone knows brings about lessened carbon discharge.
There are several ways to generate energy from biomass including burning biomass to produce heat or run steam turbines that generate electricity, turning feedstock into Solid bio fuels. One of the solid bio fuels is Biomass Briquettes. It is made from using biomass waste as feed stock and no any chemical is added to bind this feed stock. So this process is also called Binder less Technology. Briquettes making Process is also known as Briquetting Process and machine used in this process known as Briquetting Machine, Briquettes Machine, Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Press Machine etc.
The density and practical thermal value of Briquettes are more than Loose Biomass. So, it’s better to use solid coal briquettes than the loose biomass. Briquettes Machine used in Briquetting Process are available in different Models and Designed. Briquettes made by different model have different size like 65 mm, 75 mm, 90mm etc.
Briquetting Machines manufacture Briquettes from Biomass waste without using any Binder. Biomass Briquettes have same characteristic as Biomass has, so biomass Briquettes are also Renewable.

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Happy Doctor’s Day!!! Be a Doctor of Earth!!!

Happy Doctor’s Day! Be a Doctor of Earth!

Happy Doctor’s Day! Be a Doctor of Earth!

Doctor’s day in India is a big awareness campaign offering great opportunities to all to get aware about the roles, importance and responsibilities of the doctors as well as promote medical professionals to come closer and follow the responsibilities of their profession very dedicate. This day is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in order to pay honor to the entire medical profession.
How to Be a Doctor of Earth???
As we know the Current Situation of our Environment and Earth. We can say Earth is sick and suffering form Pollution and green house effect. Because of this the temperature of earth is incising day by day and its make earth’s temperature high. To stop it we have to be a doctor of Earth.
How to Be a Doctor of Earth??
Such Situation of earth is only created by human beings and now only humans being can stop it and prevent it. We can help by planting tree more and more, by using Eco-friendly and Environment friendly Product, by using substitute fuel of Fossil fuels etc.
We are telling you one of them – Biomass Briquettes Machine to use. Biomass Briquettes Machines are used to generate bio coal briquettes. Bio coal Briquettes Application is same as black coal but black coal is generating Pollution while white coal is not.

Biomass White coal Briquettes

Biomass White coal Briquettes

Biomass Briquettes machine converts bio waste (Agro-forestry waste) to Bio coal Briquettes without using any binder. Briquettes machine works on Binder less Technology. Briquettes process is Eco-friendly and very easy to installed.
Briquettes Machine Sellers, Exporters and Manufacturers are available around the worlds. You can find them easily and Contact them for more information about briquettes machine process. Government gives to support this Briquettes Machine Project by providing Subsidies and loans. And such Briquettes Machine Project gives a company Carbon Credits and makes a company’s Carbon Footprints.
Use any method but Save Earth Environment and make healthy earth. We are here to listen your idea to save earth…. Tell US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Complete 21 years in the business of Briquettes Machines

21 year Anniversary of Briquetting Business

21 year Anniversary of Briquetting Business

We all are travelers. We start our journeys, convene people, include them into our business, and begin walking the path as one. Same way Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools – A briquettes Machine Manufacturing Industry started by Sanjay Tilala on 25th June, 2015. Make a small group “Jay Khodiyar Group”, include some people, share and collect ideas of people and think to do a business which is help to save our mother Earth from Pollution.

Jay Khodiyar made its own Brand “JK” and started to manufacture Briquettes Machine model Super 65. It’s used for small scale production and give output Briquettes of 65mm. JK supplied this in Domestic market only. Then it’s started to produce Supreme 75 Briquettes Machine which gives output Briquettes of 75mm and then produced briquettes machine Jumbo 9075 with Siren and Sensor Technology. JK started to produce Briquettes Machinery like Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine used for Moisture Evaporation from Raw Material, Biomass Crushing Machine to cut Raw Material and Rotary Dryer Machine.

Journey of these 21 years passed as blessing of God and we owe our success to the person who directly or indirectly help us and support us. Our Mission and Vision are to give best service after sell and help our mother Earth. JK is one of the Leading Manufacture, Sellers and Exporter of Briquettes Plant Project in India.

Government gives support to this project by providing Loan and Subsidies to Briquettes Press Buyers and government gives 5 years tax exemption also. Government gives support to this project because our mother earth requires this type of renewable energy to be away from pollution.

We thank to you all for give us a great support!! Thank you!!

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Everyone has a question that is that really a relationship between Biomass Briquetting Press Machines & Global Warming?

So the answer to this question is what this article is all about.

At the end of this article one will get really is there any relation whether direct or indirect there is indirect relation between Briquetting Machine & Global Warming & also an inverse relationship as if we increase the use of Briquetting Machine or set up more Biomass Briquetting Plant Project or increase the use of Bio coal Briquettes.

Briquetting Plant

Briquetting Plant helps to stop Global Warming

Briquetting Machine has forced everyone to change & many countries are moving towards changing in the Biomass Briquettes than using Briquettes. If we see then Briquettes Machines is only a scope in future & Briquettes are the eco friendly which means it is an environmental friendly means we use Briquettes at any time it will not going to create  the pollution so automatically Global Warming will reduce the so we can say there is a direct relationship between Briquetting Machines & Global Warming.

Those dangerous fossil fuels have damage the environment a lot with its smoke which is black in color later called as Pollution. It is clear cut that if we use fossil fuel it will harm more & more to the earth & till now we don’t have an option other than living on earth.

Biomass Briquetting Machine doesn’t pure the air but it prevents air from getting more polluted. So we can reduce Global Warming by using more & more Briquetting Machines & planting more & more Briquetting Press Machines.

As it can substitute a great product pollution nature & eliminating smoke i.e. coal. Also if the Raw Material used if it is not in proper measure as per the specification of Briquetting Press Machines than Briquetting Machines Exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers also have a Briquetting Machine supporting Machines i.e. Biomass Crusher & Turbo Dryer for proper size of raw material & moisture level that should be 10mm & moisture contain should 12 to 15%.

So in the nutshell we can say that between fossil fuel & Briquettes, Biomass Briquettes is lesser evil & spread lesser amount or can even say low amount of pollution is created by Agro coal Briquettes.

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Let’s Celebrate Environment Day by supporting Briquetting Plant Project.

Celebrate Environment Day by supporting Briquetting Plant Project

Celebrate Environment Day by supporting Briquetting Plant Project

5th June – World Environment Day!

We have to celebrate this World Environment Day by supporting some Eco-Events. There are many ways to celebrate World Environment Day. One of them is Briquetting Plant Project.

Briquetting Plant Project makes usage of Briquetting Machines and Manufactures Biomass Briquettes. Biomass Briquettes are best alternative fuel of fossil fuel (Black Coal).

The most important benefit can be like the Briquetting machines which produces the Biomass Briquettes which has & can easily substitute coal create no pollution & many other hidden benefits which takes White coal Briquettes to a level where no ash content or sulfur is found out.

So it is the most favorable & accepted product by all the people all over the country. Biomass Briquetting Plant Project needs a raw material which is majorly available in Rural Area & by waste utilizing it will empower rural & villages as it will also keep it clean & they will get an one more source for income which monetary & morally makes them strong to move towards the globalization & development.

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is a one of the best company who are having fine quality of the White quality Briquetting Machine which leads them towards the growth & development of not only of a company but also every corner of the world.

Briquetting Machine by many other means can create & empowering also in creating an opportunities for business & creates job for the unskilled & semi skilled workers which leads the country to a higher level towards the growth.

So, let’s celebrate this Day by supporting this Biomass Briquetting Plant Project.

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